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  Bobble Headwise, Everybody 07:57 PM -- Mon September 26, 2011  

I've been working on something today, and I just wanted to get this little head's up out there... I'm sure most of you know, but for those who don't, and for those who aren't properly obsessed yet, B.H.E. is coming!

Best Halloween Ever is an event here at Hamumu every year, in which this year's Halloween is forced to be the best one of all time. It runs through all of October, because one day is not nearly enough to contain it. A standard staple of this event is of course the Halloween Horror world-building contest (currently in name-voting phase, which anybody can participate in, whether they intend to build something or not). Another staple is the B.H.E. contest itself, in which you and all other Hamumians create a surprise of any sort to be unveiled on Halloween. Details to come in October. There are other things which have happened before and may be happening again in some form or another, but the main thing is...

This year is NUTS. The reason I'm making this journal entry right now is to give that head's up so people don't forget about it and miss out. New things will be coming constantly, and you will be a sad panda if you miss out on a few days and come back to see that you missed [exciting event of some sort]. Circle your calendar - Circle the entire month of October. Really, what you should do is just make a big circle on the wall around your calendar, since it will be turned to the October page. But most of all, don't miss October 1st here at Hamumu. Not that what happens on that day will be too exciting, but it will be the beginning of everything. A lot of announcements to come, and announcements will be happening on almost every day of October. So get in on October 1st to start the festivities, and then keep checking back. I know companies tell you things like that, but this one really is a lot of excitement and tons of fun things, much more than you have come to expect from a Hamumu Halloween. I can absolutely guarantee this is the B.H.E. What I can't do is guarantee that next year can beat it.

Also of note is that there will be technical glitches. That's also part of the B.H.E. tradition, because I roll out a bunch of one-time technology that I slapped together overnight, and this year will not only be no exception, but it will be chock-full of that stuff. So expect things not to work right, because there's a lot of hacky junk being thrown together to make this all happen. But it will be fun. This is after all a homemade holiday, run by one guy, so while it won't be polished, it will be full of heart.

The endless thud of that still-beating heart. Beating Heart, Ew.
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